Alex Wang

Politics. System administration. And everything in between.

About Me

a little about who I am

Welcome to my (small) website! Most people know me as Unixfy or Alex. I’m a student in the US.

In school, I enjoy studying the social sciences, especially history, political science, and international relations.

In my free time, I enjoy dabbling with technology. I’m a self-taught web developer and system administrator. I maintain my own lab with well over 30 servers around the world, leveraging services like Microsoft Active Directory, Google Workspace, Proxmox, Minio, Seafile, Authentik, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira, Wireguard, and much more. (Links to some services above.)


What I like to do

Politics & Law

I participate in several real-life and online political/government simulations.

Web Dev & Design

I have designed & built many websites and web apps, using technologies like WordPress, Vue.js, and Django.


I manage a nice collection of servers as well as my own network. (Peer with me at AS139921!)


Sometimes I like to play some games. Simulator & strategy are my type. GeoGuessr and Sporcle are great as well.


Whenever I visit a new city, I always make sure to try foods that I can’t get anywhere else. I’m also making it my goal to try two local non-chain restaurants near me each week.


Much more!

I enjoy a lot of other things, and I’m always looking to learn more!


Stuff I am good at

  • WordPress 90% 90%
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript 90% 90%
  • Linux & Windows Systems Administration 90% 90%
  • Amazon Web Services 65% 65%
  • Google Workspace 70% 70%
  • German 40% 40%
  • Django 70% 70%
  • Active Directory 50% 50%
  • Atlassian 70% 70%


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My resumé is private at this time to avoid being doxxed.

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